Friday, May 28, 2010

Hard Days Filled With Good Moments...

As you can tell from my lack of posting, life for us has been a little crazy. I find myself using the word "fine" often and have taken on the new motto that a bunch of hard days filled with good moments. Here is a taste of some of the good moments in a typical day!
Caleb cracks me up! He hears music and starts moving! In this video he was a tad bit distracted by his books....his other love....but it doesn't take much to get him going.

Mommy's hands are STILL full....and both boys STILL enjoying dancing with Mommy at the same time! I wouldn't have it any other way. It is one of the few times within our household where we all love each other at the same time! =)
I captured this precious moment while putting Baker down for a nap....hence the bad camera angles and dark picture. We were rocking and he asked me to sing "Raindrops on Roses" with him. I loved the Sound of Music growing my children hear me sing those songs often! I think Baker likes them too!