Friday, February 20, 2009

Boys will be boys....and I'm having another one!

I think I am funny holding my cup with my mouth and walking around where I can't see.
"I can do it myself!!!"
"Hello......Hello"  (so serious)
"Mom, look what I found to hold my dinosaur."

Seriously.....something just about every day blows my mind with Baker.  He is such a typical boy.  He loves to be center of attention and show out when anyone comes over (once he warms up of course).  In the pic with the cup, he cracks himself up all the time that he can do that.  He refuses to let mommy help him eat anymore.  He jerks that spoon out of my hand and holds it with a death grip.  He also loves using mommy's fork...not his baby fork.  It is funny b/c I seem to just give it to him, but Josh always goes, "Laura, I would feel better if you would not do that.  He is going to poke his eye out."  It is funny what doesn't bother me that bothers daddy!  I feel like Baker is so independent, however, I need to remember he is not, especially with eating.  We had a bad choking the other day on a strawberry that almost made mommy hysterical!  Boys like to eat...and eat too quickly!  Small, small bites from now on!  The picture with the phone is priceless.  I know all kids figure that out eventually, but it amazes me how we are drawn to technology!  I mean, I have tried to give him play phones that make noise, old phones that don't work anymore but look real.....Baker won't have it.  If it doesn't work and it is not real, he doesn't want it.  But he always has such a serious face when pretending to say he is really concentrating.  It cracks me up!  And the blender picture.....let me just say that I walked into the kitchen and he had literally pulled that out on his own and put his dinosaur in it.  It was hilarious.  He thought so too!  Boys are just something else!  All calmness goes out the window for sure!

Doctor Apt......we had another great visit this week.  No change from last week, so baby boy is holding on.  I am 33 weeks tomorrow so pray for at least 2 more!  We are getting closer to getting things done.....the nursery is envisioned, my things to buy list is made, bassinet is in the room, clothes are maybe, just maybe we will have a name to share soon!  It is the easiest for us to put on the backburner since we have such a hard time deciding!  We will keep you posted!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another week down....

My little farmer!
Standing up and falling back down is so much fun! Can you tell I think I am funny?

Baker is growing like a weed.  I have yet to take one year old pictures of him, and he doesn't even look like my 12 month old anymore.  His newest thing is twirling his hair.  He definitely has some interesting hair.  Parts of it want to curl, parts of it look like a "fro", and parts are still slowly growing to catch up with the rest.  We have always had hair trouble with him.  But he loves it.  We just watch him in his crib twirling away until he falls asleep.....Or when he watches his Praise Baby DVD, or in the car.  All of us Stewart's have some kind of nervous/calming twitch....Dad plays with his hair/eye brows, mom with ribbons, me with sheets or blankets....I guess it was just a matter of time until Baker found his!  It is really cute though.

My doctor apt yesterday was great!  We have actually improved a little since last week!  So he seems to be wanting to hold off.  Thanks again for all the prayers, meals, and everything you all are doing to help us through this time.  I feel like I live week to week, and I am literally counting down the time!  

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doctor Appointment...

We had another doctor appointment today, and it went as well as it could have.  I am going weekly now for visits and ultrasounds.  The ultrasound showed a slight bit of effacement since last week, but very minimal.  So minimal that my doctor said to continue with "modified" bed rest.  However, she did prepare me for all factors.  If I come in next week and there has been a lot more change than I will have to go to complete bed rest, which means I will have to find someone to look after Baker during the day.  And if there is significant effacement than I could be put in the hospital.  We did, however, do a test that tells with 95% accuracy if you will go into labor in the next two weeks, and it came back negative.  So that is a blessing!  I feel encouraged by the visit, and am so very, very blessed to have the doctor that I do.  She is amazing, comforting, and so knowledgeable!  She is so thorough that I feel like she has kept me from worrying through this.  I did ask her more specifics about the baby if he were to come early, and obviously, his lung development is the biggest risk factor.  She does feel confident though of the neonatal unit at MTMC, saying that it has everything that Vanderbilt has ( least for not severely premature babies) as well as a specialized doctor for premie babies.  So, specific prayer requests.....(1) that baby Watson will hold out a little longer and his lungs will grow strong and fast, (2) that I will be able to stay off my feet more, (3) that Baker will get through his "funk" and allow me to stay off my feet, and (4) prayers of thanksgiving for all my family and friends that are going above and beyond to serve us.  We are so very thankful for all of you!  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mommy Blues...

This last week, and I do mean a "solid, straight" week, has left me remembering what it was like when I was home on maternity leave with Baker.  I remember being almost a little excited to start back to teaching and even feeling a little guilty for thinking that.  Since that time I have been dying to be back at home with him again, contemplating every other...any other...means of compensation to get me here.  Who knew it would come in the form of bedrest.  However, I am now remembering how hard it is to be at home all day every day, being the one totally responsible for taking care of your child.  It has taught me a brand new meaning of humility.  I realized today that for the past year, I really haven't had much time during the day with my child, other than weekends and holidays.  I get him at home for our nightly routine and on the weekends.  I have been at the mercy for so long of others making the right decisions for what is best for my child during the day.  And now....the decisions have been put back in my hands.  I am finding myself making daily decisions and questioning what the right answer what I am doing the best thing for my child.  So I guess, through my blog, I am reaching out for advice or just seeking comfort that all moms share in this "questioning".  I sit with a screaming child as background music, my daily allowance of sanity slowly draining out of me, and am trying to "decide" on what the best thing for him is.  We are transitioning to one nap!  Baker has always, on weekends at least, taken two beautiful 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps a day.  He has never done quite so well with a sitter, but I have always bragged on how well he does in his "own" bed.   As we are trying to transition to one nap, he is now taking one 1 1/2 hour nap.  Not only is he not getting enough sleep at nap time, he is waking up earlier every morning fussy, rather than sweet, happy, and playful.  Mommy and no sleep don't do well together either.  So what is the answer?  Do I let him cry it out to train his body that he has to sleep longer at nap time?  Does that really work anyway.....b/c it never did as an infant.  Baker NEVER followed the "books", so I am not one that swears by them anymore.  And if you know me you know I tried really fact, I still get made fun of for my new mommy calls ("Kelley....he is not doing what the books says he should be!").  So do I get him up and he is just one of those children who doesn't take long naps?  Is this just a phase?  Is it his teeth?  Like I said, it has been a long week.  Between not enough sleep and the constant fussiness, mommy is almost scared by the thought this baby could come early!  The Lord will have to double my daily sanity allowance.  I will say though, that through this uneasy time, I am very thankful!  I am very thankful that I am home, very thankful that Baker and I are in this together, and thankful that I can be his comfort during his time of matter how many gray hairs he is putting on my head!