Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Storm

There are certain times in life where knowing God is there for us is simply not enough. We don't deserve them but yet we seek those tangible reminders that He is present in our lives, that He is in fact in control even when life feels exactly the opposite.

"Is it possible to be lonely when you are surrounded by people at all times? Are you able to feel broken when you are being showered with blessing? Can you still be empty when your plate is completely full?" I feel I have been living amongst these questions for months and months.

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to go home and be in the wedding of my oldest, dearest friend. I don't get the chance to travel back to Chattanooga often, so when I do I want to embrace every moment I am there. Having a few hours to myself, I headed up Signal Mountain to the Brow. I needed time away from the sit on my mountain top, allow my heart to be at peace, and simply talk to God. I talk a lot. I talk so much that I probably miss a lot of the times God decides to talk back. But that day, He didn't talk....He painted his message across the sky.

As I glanced across the skyline, I watched dark clouds, thunder, and lightening begin to come in from the left. When I looked right, however, what did I see.....calm, sunny, blue skies. I sat amazed at how distinct the line was that set the two scenes a part. That's when I saw the message God was sending me. God really does love me. He takes not only moments to listen to my heart, but places me in the right spot, at the right time, to tangibly remind me of something I so often forget.....He IS always there!!! As I continued to sit in awe of that sight I thought to myself how ever present storms are in life, no matter what shape or form they take on. Yet how often when amidst a storm do we see past its edges to what lies ahead? God showed me that He is right there, on His mountain top, whether rain or shine. He sees my storms, but He also sees my sunshine. And all He asks of me is to trust Him....that it's there waiting for me....when the storm passes by.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For "Office" Fans Only

Anyone that knows us knows that The Office is our favorite show!!!! Josh and I are always throwing out quotes when something funny applies to our own lives. Caleb....our sweet Caleb....makes us laugh almost daily, reminding us of one of our favorite episodes. This is what both Michael Scott and Caleb look like in their normal every day lives!
In the episode Michael "thinks" he is Jim's new best friend, so he begins wearing his hair down and messy like his (which to a true pretty hilarious). Caleb....daily at his high always rubbing his hands on his face/eyes/head and ends up with a very similar hair style! It cracks us up!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beautiful blessings...

Josh and I were given the opportunity to go to Mexico Beach, FL for my best friend Heather's wedding. We spent an amazing three days hanging out with not only each other, but sweet friends. Unfortunately Baker became very sick, so it was no easy week for my Mom, but I am very thankful he was in good hands while I was away.

Before heading to the beach we had a bridal shower for my childhood best friend Meaghan at Judy's home on Signal Mountain. Her home is absolutely gorgeous. Every time I drive up the mountain my heart becomes so heavy. Oh how I miss my home.....the view, the trees, the friends, the memories, the air up there.....everything. I was very blessed to grow up in such a wonderful place......and with such wonderful people (pictured below). Mom, Judy, Faye, and Mary Lynn have been best friends for many years....bringing us all up together. They are my family!
I love the moments in life where you can't deny God's intervention in your life. This was definitely one of those moments. My very best friend/soul mate, Jessie, called me and asked if she could fly me and the boys to Maryland to visit her for a week. But the was the very next week, actually less than. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I truly believe God sees our hearts, wants, needs....and knows when life is beginning to become too much. The past few months have not been easy, especially the past few weeks. What greater gift could the Lord possibly bless me with than sending me....FOR see my best friend who I had not seen in two years? It was an incredible week. We spent most of it in pure insanity with 5 children.....but the night times were our laugh, talk, reminisce, and catch up. I miss you, Jess.....more than you will ever know!
Our attempted shopping trip. Don't our kids look like they want to take a picture?
This is what bed time looked like each night!
This is what day time looked like each day!
This is what bath time looked like!

It was all so much fun! I hate that Jess and I live so far away....but I know that no distance will ever touch our friendship!

"Thank you, Father, for the gift of such wonderful friends...who have all helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. I would not be the same without them! They are my beautiful blessings!"