Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dancing and Jumping...

Dancing and jumping on the bed are daily activities in this household. Baker has always enjoyed music and I am seeing that more and more with Caleb. As someone who has always been passionate about music/lyrics/instruments, I hope to instill that in my children one day. As you can see, we always have to dance with both Baker and Caleb....and Baker always has to have Elmo, Big Bird, or Monkey dance too. Mommy's hands get rather full, but wouldn't trade these moments for the world. Caleb's smile and laugh melt my heart! (Oh and Josh just loves when I sing "Isn't HE lovely!" But it makes the kids laugh....I promise I won't sing it when they are older =) )..... And jumping on the bed.......well, boys will be boys. I figure if I can't stop them, I might as well join them!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Baker's new thing is unzipping his pjs down and letting his chest hang out. It is absolutely hilarious!!!! I love the personality that my two year old displays! He makes me laugh on a regular basis!

Completely Slacking......

So, I have completely fallen off the wagon with the blog over the past month! Life has gotten busy around here for sure. I can definitely say that we have felt very blessed by friendships lately. My weeks are filled with playdates, lunch dates, bible study, community group, etc. I am still learning daily how to gracefully be a stay at home mom to an active, strong-willed two year old and keep my beautiful 6 month old alive. Today, I fished a piece of plastic out of his mouth that Baker put in there when I wasn't long he had been gagging on it is still a mystery. Once my heart started beating again, I literally fell to my knees and thanked the Lord for watching over my babies in all the moments I cannot! The past month has brought lots of fun to our lives: Baker's birthday, Dedicating Caleb at church, Wednesday's Toots Dates with Baker and buddy, Cohen, visits with Uncle Burt, and Florida beating UT!!!!!