Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am hurting! Hurting as in a big SUV ran over me going full speed ahead, then put it in reverse just to finish the job. Moving is serious business. We are officially in our temporary home at the Schmeltzers, and so far it is going wonderfully. The kids slept great last night and are enjoying their new play room. Josh and I are learning that we can live without so many things. We managed to both get all of our clothes, shoes, bags, etc in one small closet and one dresser. We are snug in a full bed with Caleb sleeping beside us.....And it is perfect! It is really giving me a new appreciation for what in actuality you really need in life. Andy and Katie are such loving friends and we are so excited to be sharing in their lives for the next couple of months. More to update as we continue this journey! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrate Good Times....

Our home is a constant party house.....we're either dancing, laughing, running naked, or occasionally, screaming. Baker and Caleb definitely have a love/hate relationship. Most of the time, thank goodness, it is love. Baker loves to have Caleb jump in bed with him, read to him, and definitely boss him around. I caught him trying to spank his hand for throwing his cup on the floor. Then we had to talk about who is really the boss of this house!!!! MOMMY! =) Caleb is growing more and more. He is my love! He puts his head on my shoulder constantly, gives me kisses all the time, laughs from the pit of his stomach....and only cries when he wants more food (yes, he's a chunk)! Mommy loves his curly hair and thinks he is the most beautiful boy ever created! Baker is also Mommy's love....he is constantly making me laugh, and we love to sing together. Our latest songs are from the Sound of Music....which Josh just loves!!! =) But you can see from the video that he loves Alvin and the Chipmunks, too. He has such a Stewart personality...and I love that about him! As we will from here on out be posting about our life in a different home....we leave this one with lots of great memories and look forward to what the future brings for the Watsons!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Walking away...

I feel like this blog is slowly becoming a composition of all my ramblings and less filled with updated pictures of the boys, but life is definitely changing for the Watsons. I feel like it is moving so quickly that it is simply carrying me along and I have no say in where I am going or what I am doing. So to all our faithful followers, get your reading glasses on....for over the next couple of months, I will have lots to update you on.

I took a year off of work last year to stay at home with my boys. I have found....that staying at home....is by far the most difficult job you can ever have. It is a 24/7 "on" job.....and you are being observed closely every minute. When you make mistakes....you affect the lives of others. I have had to learn to fully lay down selfishness. Not only has my life become "not my own", but my body was "not my own". Every part of me has been given to everyone else. Needless to say, it has been the toughest year of my life....but also the greatest. I have learned to find patience when that task seems impossible. I have learned to find joy in my accomplishments...even if it is only a load of laundry done for the day. I have learned to laugh, dance, sing, and play as if the world did not exist past my front door. And I have learned to love deeper than I had ever dared to go. I have been given the gift of wisdom....seeing how the Father loves us through the eyes of my own children.

Today I made the easiest and hardest decision I think I have ever made. Going back to work would mean that I now would take on two full time jobs. I know me...and knowing me means that both jobs would suffer because they would each only be taking half of me. So today, I walked away from my teaching position. As I walked through the halls, talking to everyone I met, my heart was heavy. I have worked there for 5 years and given my heart, passion, friendships to not only my coworkers, but the kids I have taught. I glanced at my room and thought, "Give me some kids and I could walk right in here and start teaching." Teaching is a gift that I know the Lord blessed me with the natural ability to do. It pains me a little to walk away from a job I have worked so hard to build, yet I am excited (and nervous) to see where the Lord takes me. When I close my eyes and see my professional future, it now looks blank. I am daring to dream my life could be different......so by faith and faith alone....I set out on that adventure.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moving Forward...

I can close my eyes and remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my Papa's church, somewhat listening to the sermon, with a heavy heart. I had been praying for a while that I would find a bible study to be a part of. Feeling the ache of needing that closeness and consistency in my life, I began praying, yet again, that prayer in church that day. There are very few times that I have literally heard the Lord speak to me. And you can bet that those very few times are crystal clear pictures in my memory. As I sat there in church, those words flooding my heart, I heard the Lord say......"So start one, Laura." I remember being completely taken back, reacting first by saying...."No Lord, I'm not a leader, I can't do that." Over the next several days, I continued to hear those words. The fear began to melt and excitement moved in.

Four years ago the Lord spoke those words to me! Four years ago a bible study formed in my home! Last night, we had our last bible study in this house! When the girls left, a little bit of sadness filled my heart. The Lord has blessed us so richly as a study over the years. We have grown, changed, struggled, conquered, lived life.....together as a group of devoted women within these walls. So in a few weeks, we will say goodbye to this house....but we will cherish its memories and the blessings it has brought to us. We move forward! I can't wait to see where the Lord takes us....both my family and bible study....over the next four years!