Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Gator Fans...

I love to laugh at Mommy!
4 months old today!
Gators are # 1!!!

It is hard to believe that Caleb is already four months old.  He did wonderfully at his check up today, weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs. 8 oz.  He dropped from the 90th percentile to the 80th.  Still a big boy.  He is such a happy baby, only crying when he is hungry or tired.  It has been a refreshing change from how Baker was as a baby.  Baker does not love Caleb too much right now.....just ask him, he will tell you.  However, he is slowly warming up to him.  He does kiss him goodnight now and actually says that he is sorry after he comes up and hits him.  Baker is FULL of himself.  We are definitely seeing the beginnings of the "Terrible 2's" when he does not get what he wants.  However, we are working on our manners and he does pretty well using them....after he screams at me and I give him "the look".  He knows all his colors and is learning his letters.  He can tell you A, I, O, U (we lost the E...oops), Y, L, D, B, V, G, J, S, N....random I know, but he gets to pick one letter out a day to put on the fridge.  He can also tell you (among the common animal sounds) what a peacock and a donkey says, which makes me laugh because only a child whose grandparents live on a farm would know that.  I have definitely struggled with finding a lot of time for me during the day, especially for reading.  So one thing I have tried to start doing is read a small portion of the bible aloud while we are eating breakfast in the mornings.  We have only done it for a week, but Baker seems to enjoy it.  I hope this is something that will become a tradition in our household b/c it definitely gets our day off to a good start!  All in all....Life is good!  We are still learning to be a family of 4 and learning how to do that well.  With each challenge we face, we find joy in the morning!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Flawed and Fabulous"

I found this picture and thought that it was a great prediction of what will most likely happen to Caleb when he begins playing with Baker!
I read an article yesterday titled "Flawed and Fabulous Moms."  Reading it was like a breath of fresh gave me the freedom to be human and the encouragement that all moms, although flawed, are still fabulous in their own way.  A friend once told me that she felt like when you become a new mom they shoot you with some guilt serum before you leave the hospital.  I couldn't relate more.  Today's plate of guilt would include feeding Baker Sonic for lunch, snapping at him for "screaming" in the car, spanking him for hitting his brother, taking a long overdue phone call and letting him watch tv in his high chair....and it is only nap time.  It saddens me when my list of "guilts" sometimes outweighs the praises.  But then I remember....I am human, I am flawed.....and I remind myself that I have hugged him, I have kissed him, danced with him, laughed, practiced our letters and colors, fed him, and kept him safe and clean.  And I remember that that is why God gave me the gift of my love them in the best way I know how and still be fabulous while doing so! 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Family Fun on the 4th!

Take me to the river....

Baker's 2nd canoe trip and he is already steering the boat.  He would not let mommy hold the paddle at all.

Pool Time 
You can tell by both my boy's faces that they had two very different opinions of playing in the pool.
(This is the Caleb's priceless "pouting" face I have been trying to get a picture of for weeks.  He is going to get whatever he wants one day isn't he?  He already knows how to work mommy over!)
Baker loves his boots, his swing, and deviled eggs (5 minutes was all in his hair).