Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry it has been a while!

It has been a while since we last posted.  Between the big camera, the little camera, the flip video, and the regular video.....there is just too technology to go through.  So I have just let it go.  I finally made Josh sit down with me and help me!  The past month has been great.  I have still been adjusting to a mom of two, but it gets easier every day.  Baker is so fun.  He is in a little bit of a whiney stage....which tests my patience daily....but he is really beginning to talk.  I am very proud because he knows and can say all his colors and body parts.  We'll have to get that on video one day!  Caleb is my absolute joy.  He is such a Mama's boy.  Sometimes it is only mommy that can comfort him and I love that!  He is also my cuddler.  I swear I could love on him all day long....but Baker would NEVER allow it.  We took our first family vacation (I know, how sad are we!!) to Chattanooga.  My parents no longer live there, so I don't get to go "home" very often.  I loved sharing my favorite hot spots with my three boys.....the Aquarium, walking bridge, Station House, Signal, and so much more!   The Station House is a restaurant where the servers sing.  Baker loved it (you can see below) and kept saying "more, more" when they would stop.  It was the best dinner out we have had....seeing as Baker was constantly entertained and you couldn't hear Caleb crying =).   Caleb is three months old and Baker will be 2 years in September.  It is amazing how time is flying by!  What a sweet blessing the past few years have been!  I am very lucky.

Baker breakin' it down at the Station House. 
My Sweet Caleb!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our child is a "Dopey, Dopey, Dope!"

So, for some reason Baker has found it hilarious to say "Dopey, Dopey, Dope."  And we have found it pretty entertaining as well.  You can see that our 21 month old is a nut....and when I tell him he is a nut, he agrees by saying "nut"!  He is so full of energy, giggles, and life each day.  I couldn't imagine my life without him in it....even on the hard days....and am so thankful for his happy spirit!  He makes me smile daily!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Baker's First Canoe Trip!

For those of us that know us well, my family are avid canoers/kayakers/river-goers!  For almost two years now, we (Josh and I) have not really gotten to canoe and it has nearly killed us.  Having kids or canoeing?  We had to think about that for a while =)!  Baker wasn't even a year old last year, so we figured he was a little young to get out on the river....but not this year.  20 months was old enough for us!  He really enjoyed the river.  He loved getting out and walking around the water.  Not as much swimming, but it was a little cold.  I can't wait to share more of these experiences with both my boys!  Caleb stayed at home with his "Dee", but I am sure he will hit the river next year!  As you can see, Caleb is our "big" boy.  He looks about as big as Baker in the picture, but he is my bundle of joy!