Sunday, April 29, 2012


Took boys hiking at Rock Island....lots of rocks to climb over.....maybe was a little too much for preggo Mommy and two young kidst. However, I think we discovered Bakers talent....he scaled the rocks with ease and loved it! And of course they loved swimming when we finally made it to the bottom!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baker Is Reading has definitely been a "waiting" game for Baker and me......waiting till Baker was ready to start learning to read.  The K/1st teacher in me has been trying for over a year to get Baker to read and write....and I think it has given me more frustration, more gray hairs, more irritability than a normal person should feel when working with their child.  Lol.  He is the very definition of a "boy!"  He does everything in his own time!  Well, he has finally started letting me teach him a little bit.  We are slowly learning to read and he is really doing well!  Love in one of the videos how Caleb is cheering him on...."right!"

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Strawberry Farm

Our sweet friends invited us to go strawberry pickin' with them last Friday.  The boys had a blast.  I was really impressed by what a good job they did finding perfect strawberries (Oh no, their Mommy's OCD is coming out in them) and picking them!  Both boys had their own baskets to fill.  Caleb's took a little longer as he ate most of what he picked!  The child LOVES strawberries.  I do have to say, those strawberries were worth every penny.  They had more flavor than any I have ever gotten in a grocery store. We loved it and want to go back every couple of weeks before they go out of season.  I have already made strawberry cobbler, strawberry pancakes, and eaten about 50 of them!!!!

Becky's Wedding

Well, I think the last of my college besties has gotten married.  This was a very special wedding for me because I have been a apart of this story from the very beginning.  Becky and I were roommates for 3 wonderful years in college.....enter Jeremiah.  Oh, he looked much different back in those days =)....short, blonde, spiky hair, yet he was still a "rocker" at heart!  Through twists and turns they finally found their way back to each other for the "final" time!  When you know, you know.  It was always just Jeremiah for Becky!  I am so happy for her and wish her many years of happiness!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


While telling the boys to go pick up their toys before bed, the next thing I know Baker has his pirate hat on saying, "Arrr.....pirates don't have to put up toys."  Which turned into, "Arrr.....pirates don't have to read.....pirates don't have to go to bed.....etc."  That child is something else!  But oh, we love him!!!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baker decided to serenade me today with a song he learned at school!

YouTube Video

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Friday, April 13, 2012


Surprise!  For those of you who do not already know the Watson family is growing again!  We are almost 17 weeks pregnant and due September 25th.  To say I'm anxious to find out what we are having is an understatement.  This pregnancy has been different in a lot of ways.  One being.....for the first 11 weeks I was SICK AS A DOG from morning till night.  Thank goodness for my wonderful husband who basically took over for 2 months!  Will we finally get our girl or be adding to our future baseball team????  We find out May 2! 

Happy Easter 2012

Easter Egg Hunt at school
At the park hunting with our sweet friends! 
 Easter Morning
 Our magazine models!!!

 Look at all our eggs!!!

Soccer Time!!!

We decided to put Baker in Spring soccer this year.  We are on a team with 5 of our sweet friends so it is fun for both the kids and their parents! =)  So far we are not off to the best start (understatement)!  Baker is not a huge fan!  The other kids at least go after the ball.....Baker does when he feels like it!  At least he looks cute right.  We are working on it!  This kills his athletic daddy!!!

 I know he looks like an all star in this picture!  Don't be deceived! =)
 One sweet team!!!
 This is probably a more accurate picture of how Baker feels about soccer!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Caleb Burton


I can't believe my BABY is 3!!!!  How did that happen?  Where have the years gone?  He has brought so much joy, laughter, and smiles to our life.  We are so very thankful for the gift of Caleb!  Here are just a few pictures of Caleb's favorite facial expression!  You can see why he is so dearly loved!

Mule Day 2012

Caleb's birthday always falls at a tough time of year.  It is always in the middle of Spring Break, Mule Day, and/or Easter.  The poor child has not even had a proper birthday party yet.  With invitations out and big plans to remedy the problem this year.....every RSVP came back no.  It's just a busy time for everyone.  It's always hard to explain without seeing for yourself, but Mule Day is a big deal in our household.  My brother has made it a big deal.  For about 8 years we have held a big party on the farm on this weekend and the same friends of Burton's have attended for the past 8 years (give or take a few).  Caleb's birthday fell on Mule Day this year so we turned his birthday into a Mule Day party!  He had a great did all...and we do hope to have him a little get together with his friends in the next couple of weeks!

At the Parade...

 "What....I'm three!"

 "Who needs a fork????"
 Caleb's face cracks me up!!!  He was showing no mercy to the punching bag!
 Baker really wanted to take the cow skull home!
 Hanging at the farm...only half of the campsite!
The Bunny came to see me!

Art Show at School

Next year the boys will be at a different school....and one of the things that make me the saddest is losing the yearly Art Show!  Their school goes all out every Spring with floor to ceiling art scenes.  The kids work for weeks preparing their work.  Baker and Caleb loved showing off their projects.  Here are just a few of what they created!  Every year I wish we had taken far away pictures just to capture how big a deal the art scenes are....and every year I forget.  I guess the boy's with their art really is the most important!!! =)

Chattanooga Aquarium

We took a weekend trip to Chattanooga to visit friends and take the kids to the Aquarium.  They had a great time!
 The boys pet a snake first thing!

 So glad Dee came with us!

 Petting sting rays!