Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Fun

We spent Easter Sunday like we do every year visiting Papa's church. I love the quaintness of it. I love that it feels like I go home to family with each visit. I love sitting on the same pew with Teck since....well, pretty much always. =) I love the rock wall that separates it from the road. And I love that my uncle Greg has filled the roll that Papa left behind. But Papa was definitely missed this year. I guess I was in reminisce mode as I thought over my entire life of growing up and coming to this small church tucked away on a country road. I closed my eyes and pictured him standing there as he always did.....and was thankful. Thankful for this legacy left behind, thankful to have this place to come home to, thankful that his spirit will always be alive there, and SO THANKFUL for Jesus, his RISING and SAVING, so that we can all be together again one day. Happy Easter!
The boys with their "Dee"
We love our Easter baskets!
Silly boys.....yes, this was Baker's idea, and Caleb naturally follows!
The boys with their great grandmother "Teck"
Trying to take their great uncle Greg down!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Finer Things Friday

So I saw this on one of my friend's blogs.....and she got it from another blog, etc. I thought it was a great idea and a good way to remind myself each week the things that I am thankful for....the things that make my world go round. I have not been a great blogger lately, but I am really going to try to keep it up. I believe it is very important to remind ourselves of the blessing we are given so that we never take them for granted.

Today is good Friday, so I am so thankful for a God that loves me for me (www.abeatinheart.blogspot.com).....and loves me so much that His Son gave up his own life, so that I may have one. This is a blessing I SO OFTEN take for granted, pass off as an "I know" fact of life, and have never truly grasped the depth of such a sacrifice. I am thankful for Jesus!

I am thankful for Baker and his love for his Mommy. Even though the past few weeks have been extra clingy, extra winey, extra have-to-have mommy weeks, I am so thankful that he loves me so much.

I am thankful for Caleb's laugh. He giggles from the pit of his stomach and is such a happy child. He is sometimes the sanity in my day!

I am thankful for our home and all the outside work that we are putting into it. I'm thankful that God has blessed us with the means to do it...and I pray that we glorify Him in taking full advantage of it in weeks to come.

I'm thankful for Family....that helps us all the time. I can't imagine what we would do without them!!!

I'm thankful for movie nights with my girls....and the renewed sanity it brings!!! And for the wonderful better half that gives me these endless opportunities!

I'm thankful to be strep free for the first time in 4 months!

I'm thankful for day cares at the gym!!!! It MIGHT be the only reason I go....MIGHT

I'm thankful the Office brought back the Dundies.....and for the great one liner inside jokes that keep mine and my husband's laughter continuous!

I'm thankful for tankini's which I will be sporting this summer often.....due to the fact that I just love chocolate too much.....oh, and I'm thankful for chocolate!!!!

I'm just thankful!!! It has been a "fine" week!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baker's Art Show

Well, Mommy brought the nice camera to the Art Show, but for some reason it decided not to work. So....just iphone pictures! =(

As a former teacher, I have loved Baker's preschool! They do so many things that are fun, but EDUCATIONAL. I really feel like Baker is getting a great experience at his particular school, as well as having WONDERFUL teachers! My pictures don't do justice, but they cover the walls from from floor to ceiling...and even on the ceiling...with huge displays of the children's art. It literally covers the entire hallway/preschool. It is really neat!
Baker's baseball player! Notice this is Baker's new way of smiling...eyes closed! Nice!
Baker's sheep in the Barnyard scene!
Baker's Angel!

Birthday and Surgery!!!

As a family we celebrated Caleb's 2nd Birthday this year. We did things a little bit differently because Baker's surgery was the next morning (on his actual birthday). I attempted to make him a cool baseball cake.....and when that flopped....Gigi's cupcakes to the rescue. Which from his pic below....I think he was ok with! We also went to Toys R Us to pick out his own toy after. This worked out great ONLY because his brother got to pick his own out too for having his surgery in the morning. Poor Caleb has only had family parties while Baker has had big friend parties all three years. I'm sure one day he'll have all those glorious 2nd child personality traits and blame it on things like this! lol Happy Birthday Caleb.....you are my absolute joy!

March 31, Vanderbilt hospital, Baker's Tonsil/Adenoid Surgery
Gearing up for surgery in the cool dog pj's. Baker loved the yellow socks and asked for a pair for his brother to take home! lol

I was highly impressed with Vanderbilt Children's hospital. I really would never do another surgery on the kids anywhere else (and prayerfully we won't have anymore!!!)! Being a children's hospital meant that Baker was right in his element! He got to play with Army soldier toys while waiting on his bed. He even got to drive himself into surgery in his own car. For a child that has pretty bad separation issues, they made him very comfortable.

I wish I could say that recovery went as smoothly. For starters, Baker did not come off the anesthesia well. It was probably worse for mommy and daddy. He would go from limp to strong as an ox fighting to get out of my arms to limp again. He wasn't really "waking up". His oxygen kept dropping without a mask right near his face. For about an hour it was kind of scary (for me), however the nurses said a few times, "We'll give him a few more minutes than we need to page a doctor." So obviously I should have been a little nervous. EVENTUALLY....he did come out of it, however, it wasn't easy. He was terrified throughout our entire hospital stay. Any time anyone would walk in the room he would completely freak out....even if they were just talking to us. When they would bring his medicine he would have uncontrollable fits of hysteria saying he needed to go to the bathroom (which he didn't....smart boy) to get away from the nurses. Baker would wake up in the night hysterical needing to know I was right beside him. He would barely drink anything the entire time we were there, which is why we couldn't leave. We stayed a total of 2 nights and 3 full days. We watched everyone around our room come and go until we were the only ones left on the hall. A doctor called and talked to me late Saturday afternoon. He told me that he would let it be my call on if I thought he would do better with drinking going home and that if I couldn't get him to there we would have to come back. I decided to go home. He was terrified in the hospital and I thought he would do better without all the doctors....and I was right. He drink 2 full sippy sups of milk and ate a bowl of ice cream that night....better than he had done in 3 days.
When we (mostly mommy and daddy) needed a change of scenery, they gave us a wagon and hooked his IV on. We were able to go anywhere in the hospital with him. This was nice to just get away....however he looked pretty pitiful most of the time.
He loved the playroom, especially the Elmo microwave! Again....loved Vanderbilt for things just like this. It made staying in the hospital for so long bearable. They also had a roof top terrace with swings just to get some fresh air!

Next up.....Caleb's turn! Yes, I'm kind of dreading it, even if it isn't until July!