Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forever My Friends

(Heather, Brandy, and Laura)

I know I am overdue on posting some pictures of my kiddos, but this entry I want to write about my other friends. Over ten years ago these beautiful ladies entered my world....and since then I have not been the same. We actually began a friendship before we entered AOII, however, it did grow and develop our friendship over those 4 years of college. Last Saturday we spent the whole day together and went to the AOII 25 Year Celebration that evening. I wish I could post all the pictures of us over the years, but I have albums full. Brandy and I walked through everything together, including a bachelors degree in Education. Boy did our teachers see us coming from a mile away. And yes, we did get in trouble for writing notes and talking....even in college. We usually spent all day every day together, walking across that campus like it was our world and everyone else was just walking in it. If you ever needed advice, Brandy had it. And if you needed a good prank call...she could do those too! You had to watch out for Brandy though....if she spent the night, you may end up with a leg draped across you in the morning! She was a cuddler...and by the end of our first year as friends....we all were too! Heather was my sanity in more ways than one. Whether it was jumping on me in the mornings, dance parties, dressing up, practical jokes, basically anything....she made me laugh. I can honestly say that us three (minus Jess) were quite a group! There was never a dull moment.....ever. I hope in ten, twenty, even thirty years, I am posting pictures and still writing of my love for my friends. I know they will be my friends for a lifetime. God truly blessed me with such a never ending gift of friendship!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The details are in our actions....

The past few days have really brought to mind a story I read in a Beth Moore bible study I did back in college. I wish that I could type it out in entirety and share it, however, it is in a box in a storage know, because we were supposed to sell our house quickly so I decluttered.....R...I...G...H...T!!! That is another story. Anyway, I will retell it the best I can from memory.

The story is about a family who had a pregnant dog. One day the dog was run over by a car, completely shattering its two back legs. When the family took the dog to the vet, the doctor told them that the dog would probably not survive, much less the puppies, so it was probably best to put her down. The family decided to just amputate the back legs and have hope for the best. The dog did survive, and she learned to walk. She did this by walking with her two front legs and flopping her backside around. The dog had her puppies, and they were all healthy and perfect. When the dogs began learning how to walk....guess how they did it.....just like their Mommy!

I see every day that it doesn't matter what I say to Baker because he is ALWAYS watching.....even the smallest, most random things. As my sweet Caleb never likes to leave his Mommy, my hands are always full. Baker and Caleb always pull down the flap to the carbon monoxide alarm. Usually when I walk by and see it is down, I just kick it back up and keep walking. The other day Baker intentionally pulled it down (which he is not supposed to do) and I raised my voice and told him to put it back up right now. He gave me one quick look, turned his head, and picked up his leg to kick it shut! It was too funny! Then later, we were at the library. I was looking for a book, quietly tapping the ones around it as I read the call numbers. I find it and tell Baker it is time to go, and what does he do???? He starts tapping the books as we walk down the isle. Then moments ago, as I was putting him down for a nap, he wanted his night light on. He went to it and I giggled as I watched him try to turn the button with his foot (like I always do b/c I am too lazy to bend down)! about holding you accountable!!! Even though it is so sweet right now, I see that he will always be looking at everything I do and I need to make sure I am setting the right example.

The details of our lives are found in our actions!