Saturday, January 26, 2013


A sweet moment with Elise at bedtime. She had just spit up EVERYWHERE and every time I said "Who did that?" She cracked up!

YouTube Video

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Merry Christmas from the Watsons

Bethlehem Marketplace
....the boys signing the register to pay their taxes!!!

One Sunday before church

Caleb's school party

Bible Study Christmas Party....7 years running...

Stewart Family Party

Milk and Cookies with Santa

Christmas Eve and Day

Our Little Indian

Baker has a fabulous teacher this year for Kindergarten Readiness.  He is learning and growing so much!  Their class put on their own special play for the parents in the gym followed by a big breakfast in the cafeteria!  Here is our little Indian!!!!  He was so sweet!  Videos soon to be posted here!

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Elise Rebecca and her great grandmother, Rebecca!

We celebrated a great Thanksgiving weekend with family, having bonfires, seeing the new baby goats, and eating yummy food!  My oh my is our sweet girl growing!!!

Chattanooga Weekend

We took a quick weekend trip to Chattanooga to visit with my brother and host a baby shower for my best friend Jessica!  I definitely love getting to go back every chance we get!

Uncle Burt and "Aunt" Breck loving on our girl!
Can't wait for baby Gabe to arrive!  Celebrating with old friends!!!!

We've really enjoyed having Aquarium passes this year!  We get to pop in quickly and only see our favorite animals!