Monday, January 26, 2009

Doctor's Appointment...

Well, today was a big and exhausting day.  It started with an ultrasound at 11:30, revealing that the baby is very low  (FYI....I am trying to keep with as little details as possible without it classifying as "TMI").  But the ultrasound tech was so wonderful.  She was nice...which is a first for me....and she even did a 3D ultrasound for free since I was her last patient before lunch.  So I got to really see his sweet face, well the part of it that his hand wasn't covering.  He would not move it for anything (Great...another stubborn boy).  We got a "great" picture of his hand.  Anyway...the doctors visit went well.  I am officially on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy, but there has not been anymore effacing or dilation since last week.  So that is a major PRAISE to the Lord.  I thank you for everyone that has been praying for me and this little man.  I am on a week by week basis and on strict orders to only take care of Baker this week and do nothing else.  I did have to go over to the hospital for an hour for monitoring again and had to get a steroid shot.  This is the help  boost lung development for the baby in case he does come early.  It hurt worse than my labor and delivery with Baker...literally...but obviously was over quickly!  I should be used to all this poking by now!  I have another ultrasound and apt next Tuesday, so I will keep everyone posted.  You can continue praying that this little guy stays comfortable and happy for a few more weeks at least, and that my time with Baker at home is blessed, rewarding, and not too straining.  I can honestly say that I have been very at peace with the situation, and I truly know that that is because the Lord is the creator, the potter, and he is forming this blessing.  When he is finished, he will arrive, and I will treasure him every day that the Lord allows me to raise this baby.  I KNOW that the Lord is still busy up there, b/c he has yet to tell me what to name him. =)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where To Begin???

New York!  New York!
My baby dedication!
Playing with the decorations at Teck's house.
Mommy loves the hair!

Seriously....where to begin???  For those of you that have been following Baker's blog through the past year, thank  you for loving our child!  We felt, out of respect for our new baby boy, that it was time to create a "family" blog.  Which means....lucky for you readers....that the blogs may get longer, but hopefully come more often!  We hope to use this opportunity to not only share with you what is going on with Baker's life, but with all of our lives!  So what have we been up to.....

New York!
Josh and I took a vacation!  A much needed vacation!  New York at Christmas was what I had always wanted to experience....however, pregnant and cold did put a little damper on festivities.  We definitely were "tourists", but would love to one day go back and experience the city on a different level!  I am 29 weeks pregnant and was actually put in the hospital for monitoring at my doctor's visit last Monday.  Apparently, I am already dilated to a 1 and 60% effaced.  Which I didn't need a doctor to tell me that this baby is low, low!  It has been very difficult to teach and be on my feet all day with 6 and 7 year olds, and then come home to my all too handsome 16 month old.  I have been on "limited" bed rest this week, which has been very nice.  Baker is plenty to keep up with, without adding work into the picture.  I go back to the doctor for an ultrasound and visit tomorrow so I will post our progress.  Please pray that our sweet child will hold off a little longer.  I want him as developed as possible, but again, know and trust that the Lord is in complete control no matter what!

16 months and a ball full of energy.  I can't remember when he switched from baby to toddler exactly, but he is definitely transitioned.  It blows my mind daily how much he understands.  Like the constant battle of throwing food from his chair....He hears "no" often and would "appear" to not understand, but yet, when he gets a spanking and has to pick it up and take it to the trash can all by himself, he can do it with no problem.  He definitely has some Stewart stubbornness in him.  Sadly, I don't think you can spank that away!  We dedicated Baker at church before Christmas and he was perfect.  He is in his lovely girly outfit above....Josh just loved it!  Baker tries to talk all the time.  He is saying "da da, ma ma(but not often =( ), Dee (my mom), Pop Pop (my dad..who does in fact look like he could pop at any minute!), dog, moo, coo coo (for Nanny's coo coo clock), ball, ba ba, and his new favorite "kitty kitty kitty" which he learned at Mom's house (no cats here!!!).  He LOVES to sing and dance.  Any time there is music he picks up the beat and starts grooving.  The other day.....on my much needed bed rest....I was rocking him at nap time and started singing to him.  When I stopped, he just held me and sang to me.  It was such a sweet, precious moment I will remember always.  He, and Josh, are definitely the loves of my life!  And with only another boy to arrive heart will be filled with boy lovin'!  I am very lucky!

And.....oh.....the hair!  I love the last picture!  That is what Baker's hair looks like after a bath!  What a stud (sorry I am biased).  Too bad it doesn't stay that way.  I may have to start mousing it!  Sorry this was a lot to keep up with, but a lot has happened in the past months.  Thanks for reading!