Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joyless January

As I was getting my children ready for bed tonight, tears almost welled up in my eyes out of pure exhaustion. To say this has been a tough month would be a great understatement. December 30th we found out that both boys had strep throat and ear infections. Two days later....Mommy and Daddy (Josh by the way has never had strep before in his life) turn up with strep throat. So you can imagine what our week was like. Thankfully Caleb was a trooper and pulled through it pretty smoothly. Baker, however, wasn't napping, slept in our bed for a few nights, threw up 7 times one night, had high fever that he just couldn't shake for a few days, and wouldn't eat much.

I'm glad that our snow day pictures show a day of smiles and fun. It definitely was!!! That.....was a Monday. Tuesday, both children ended up with snotty noses. From there....Baker again wasn't sleeping well, wasn't feeling well.....and either was Mommy! Just days off of medicine, I end up with strep AGAIN. And yesterday Baker, once again, has not only strep but infantigo and a burst ear drum.

So for weeks.....I have given medicine around the clock, kept lists with the times/degree of the boys' fever (bc I for sure can't keep two straight without writing it down), snuffed noses, wiped noses, given saline spray, vaseline for noses, Vicks on the chest, throw away and buy new toothbrushes, disinfect the house constantly, haven't slept well in weeks, etc. I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!

But there was a moment.....a single moment tonight.....where I held Caleb in my arms, rocking him to sleep, and tears began to fall for a different reason. I looked at him and remembered that no matter how hard it is at times.....even if it lasts a month, even if it lasts more than a month.....I would not trade a minute of it just to pass by this difficult season. Pretty soon I he won't want me to rock him, hold him, cuddle, love on him! That.....THAT.....will be the truly difficult season!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

We had an fun-filled day in the snow! We went to bed with nothing on the ground and awoke with 3-4 inches. Unfortunately Josh still had to work, but he came home for a long lunch to spend time with the kiddos! It was good snow.....powder, packed snow....great snowman making snow! So.......
We made a BIG snowman! And borrowed a few things from the playroom to make him complete!
We were able to borrow a sled.....an old school, long 5ft sled. It was great. We all fit on it with ease, and the kids absolutely loved it. Poor Baker's nose was so red....and it stayed red for a long time after we came home. We told him to go look at it in the mirror and then we heard him singing.....on his own......"Rudolph the red-nosed Baker." Oh, that child makes me smile!
As soon as the sled would stop Caleb would say, "Mum, mum." (aka "more, more")
Baker loves snow.....rolling in it, making snow angels, running and falling into it, throwing it!!!
Caleb.....not so much. Baker just threw a snowball in his face! Gotta love brothers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Time

Santa....we believe!
Our Christmas Elves!
3 Generations of Rebeccas
Too many presents, too much fun!
3 Handsome Boys
The Opryland Hotel

Christmas time was very exciting this year! We had Christmas at 4 different houses this year....and our kids are officially spoiled!!!! It took about two days of detoxing and then the entire family got sick with strep throat. So needless to say, we've definitely been recovering from all the fun of the past month! We are very blessed.