Monday, July 5, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I can say with an open and honest heart that I, Laura Watson, am without a doubt, the worst decision maker of all time! I'm serious....I can't do it....I cannot make quick decisions. I "think" and "think" and "think" until it is pretty much ridiculous that I am even "thinking" anymore. I will keep myself up at night, mind racing, on something as silly as, "Am I sure I liked that dress in red? Or should I have gotten it in silver instead?" Yes, unfortunately that is me! So there is my confession!!!!

FINALLY.....after MONTHS of guitar searching....I can finally say it has come to an end....and isn't it just lovely???? (And yes, I have told it how pretty it is a lot today!)

It did make me stop and think why I am such a bad decision maker. I don't do that with everything, just the big things...things we spend a pretty penny for....things that we want to keep for a long time. There is a song that I love that has a verse I sing to Josh all the time. "We never get ahead, but we have enough." That's us! Plain and simple! And while sometimes that is tough, living within those constraints, it definitely teaches me daily about humility. I don't take for granted my new guitar, the car in the driveway that may not be new, but is paid off, my cell phone that for sure is behind on the times with technology....but WORKS =), or any of the other luxuries this life gives us. God continues to bless me beyond what I need or even deserve! And today.....he blessed me with a beautiful Alvarez guitar!

It is amazing the amount of pressure I feel at the turning excuses....time to learn to play it well!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potty Training Take 1

Just chillin'...gettin' some work done!
So today we decided to tackle potty training....and when I say "tackle"...that is literally what it felt like!!! It did not begin very smoothly, bringing me back to my days of teaching. At the beginning of the year you have your room perfect, you know in your mind how you are going to teach that first day, and then....nothing goes as planned. Baker DID NOT want his diaper off and was very emotional about it. Then he did not want to sit on the potty. He continued to get up and down, playing with things all over the bathroom. He had three accidents before any signs of success! Not to mention an active one year old that was all over both of us. I think we both were feeling a little discouraged. Luckily....those years of teaching taught me to improvise quickly. Caleb ended up the pack-n-play today, and we got a basket out and put some books, markers, stickers, etc. next to the potty to keep us occupied while we sat. And sat we did!!! But then it happened.....BAKER WENT TO THE POTTY!!!! We were both so excited. He got to put a star on his "tee-tee" chart and got 2 M&Ms. Let me just say that Baker is a child after my own heart. He tells me all the time, "I like chocolate, Mommy." So once he figured out he got candy after each successful attempt.....we did not have another accident all day! What started out as a tough morning, turned into a smooth afternoon! I hope tomorrow is even better! My little man is growing up so quickly!

Change is scary, unfamiliar, uncertain....even to a two year old. This morning you could see Baker's fear in simply taking off his diaper, and by the end of the day....he didn't want it back on! It was a great reminder to me (in this world of change our family is going through right now) that change usually comes into our lives to make it better. Dive in, embrace it, have faith....and hold on tight!!!!