Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas from our family to yours...

A Season of PARTIES...

With just moving into our house right before Christmas last year, we didn't get too in to the whole celebrating mode.  This year, however, was a different story!  I think we may have gone a little above and beyond seeing as it is December 26th and I am WORN out!!!  Parties, parties, and more parties is what took place in our home during the month of December.  While it did take a lot of work, I am very thankful that God has given us with a home to host and such wonderful friends and family!  It was a busy and blessed season for sure!!!

The Watson Family Party

 The men found their own table!

 Cousins ~ Alex, Josh, and Axel!
 The talented cousin Amy
 Aunt Brittany and Grandaddy
 Sweet Nanny

A Hat Party for Tracey

 My dear friend Tracey has been fighting and conquering a battle with colon cancer!  While we are THRILLED the surgery to remove it was a success, she is still undergoing chemotherapy to continue to fight the lingering cancer cells.  Please be praying for her and her family during this "not fun" season.  In order to help equip her with just a little more armor to fight this battle....I decided to throw her a hat party!  So many sweet friends came out and showered her with love and hats!  Hair loss ain't got nothin' on this girl!  Her joy is contagious!

Baker's School Party

Bible Study Party

The Stewart Family Party

 The cousins and their loved ones! (Elizabeth we missed you!!!)
 Nancy, Mom, and Dad  (Karen, Mike, and Bryan you were definitely missed!)
 Too much partying!!!

***There was also a Community Group Party hosted at our home too but I do not have the pictures yet (Derek Kramer!!! =)!  Soon to be posted!

Our Little Turkey

Baker had a precious Thanksgiving play at school.  And this is how he performed.  While the other sweet children where singing and dancing, Baker stood like this.....
 or this.....
He is DEFINITELY our little turkey!!!