Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm growing!!!

It has felt like decades since my last post.  I was definitely in a different place.....although I still have those daily thoughts.  Showers come every now and then and I still wonder when I will ever sleep again....but it is getting better.  It is hard to believe that Caleb is almost one month old.  It is going by so quickly....and yet, so slowly!  I can honestly say that I was scared to death the first day that I had both my boys by myself, but we made it.  We are still making it.  Each day gets a little easier, and being able to get out of the house....if only for a walk....makes each day a little brighter.  We  are definitely still working out the kinks of scheduling.  I was a nazi about getting Baker on a schedule first thing....even waking him up in the middle of the night to feed...and he did horrible!  I really think I made him a high maintenance child.  Caleb is on an every 3 hour schedule during the day and I let him wake up on his own at night (you learn with the second!!!).  Of course he is still not doing very long stretches between feedings and it is killing me......but I hope one day soon that will change.  He has, unfortunately, started spitting up and having a fussy time at night before his last feeding.  But otherwise, he is still a pretty chilled baby.  Thankfully he goes with the flow and isn't too affected by Baker's occasional swats and screams at him.  Baker is doing better too.  I think he is figuring out that Caleb is not going anywhere.  You can see below that he loves Caleb's sock monkeys.  He looks drunk in the first one, but I had to capture him "patting/loving" on the monkey......after he beat it.  I am loving watching Regis and Kelly in the small spurts.  The other morning Jennifer Lopez was on talking about her twins.  Kelly asked if she could tell a difference between the boy and the girl.  Jennifer said the girl is so particular about things, takes her time and investigates things.  She said the boy runs around everywhere and eats everything all the time.  It really made me laugh!  I don't have a girl, but she hit the nail on the head when it comes to having a boy!  We couldn't live without them!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I think the word is ..... surviving!

Today's thoughts.....
*Will I ever be able to shower again?
*Do I even care?
*Will I ever get out of my pajamas?
*Will I ever get out of the house again?

It is only 1 pm and it has already been a day.  But I know the first day is the hardest.  I feel like today is the first day all over again b/c it is my first day at home with the boys by myself.  I feel sort of like a robot.....get one up, get the other, feed one, feed the other, play with one, feed again, then feed the other again, etc.  You get the idea.  So in the midst of today, those were the thoughts going through my head and  I thought I would share.  Not to mention I experienced Baker's first all out, fall on the floor, can't calm himself down, 30 minute, fit.  All because his cheese toast was not ready.  I think I can safely say he is having a little trouble adjusting too.  And to top it all off, Josh comes home for lunch to tell me he is playing softball tonight.  He must not want to stay married to me. =)

Everything really is going well!  Caleb is a fabulous baby.  He could eat a little better, but he actually sleeps at night.  Baker didn't, so it has been a real blessing.  He is starting to spit up, but we pray it won't be as bad as Baker was.  If anyone knew us well, he filled up an entire burp cloth with one spit up.  It was so one wanted to hold him.  And we constantly smelled like sour milk.  Yum!  We made the trip to Columbia for Easter.  It was nice to be home b/c I hadn't been in months.  These were a few quick shots we got and wanted to share.  Caleb will be two weeks tomorrow and Baker is 19 months.  It definitely has been an interesting couple of weeks.  I am not sure if it ever is easy, but I am realizing how perfect the name of our blog really is for us.  We are warriors.....fighting through the hard moments so we can truly enjoy God's blessings.  And my family is such a blessing to me!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Caleb Burton Watson is here!!!

Caleb Burton Watson
8 lbs. 4 oz
21 inches long

Well.....the waiting is over!  I couldn't believe it when my water broke at about 2:45 am Tuesday morning.  In fact, I wasn't sure for about 10 minutes if that was really it....Josh even fell back asleep.  Soon enough....there was no question.  Luckily Baker was spending a few days at his grandparents so we did not have to have the extra panic of what to do with him at the moment.  I do remember having to say to myself, "Okay Laura, calm down, b/c Josh is freaking out and one of us has to be calm."  Long story short, We made it to the hospital by about 3:15 am...I was dilated to a 7/8 and having contractions every 3 nurse was fabulous and on the ball.  She made sure I got my epidural and we worked hard to deliver by 7 am so that Dr. McGowan could be the one to deliver me (who was not my doctor but one I really liked).  And he arrived, on his own.....2 weeks early at 6:32 am, a whopping 1 lb 1/2 more than Baker was!  We are all doing well, very tired, and Baker is adjusting!  

We finally picked his name.  We had a few choices but decided we would look at him first before we made the official decision.  I really like his name because it really means something to me.  His middle name, Burton, goes down 5 generations in my family...Caleb making the 6th.  My brother's name is Burton and we just didn't know if we could call him that seriously otherwise it would have been his first name.  And Caleb was NEVER in the running of names until I started reading my bible one day about Joshua.  Without going into too much detail, I read about a "warrior" Caleb, who encouraged and stood beside Joshua going into the promised land as a spy, and then being the only two to stand up in faith for the Lord when all else were ready to stone them.  Scripture quotes that Caleb was a "servant of the Lord, having a different spirit, and he served the Lord whole-heartedly."  We have our "Joshua" Baker, now we have our "Caleb".  My prayer is that the two always encourage each other and stand strong in their faith for the Lord.....even when all else turn away.

Can you tell which one is which?

Baker is on the left, Caleb is on the right!  Will they look alike?  Time will tell!