Sunday, August 12, 2012

Car Wash

I pulled into the driveway tonight and this is what I saw....

....Daddy washing his cars and the boys washing theirs!!! Too cute!!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Around and Around

Seriously? How many times can we make a circle just to knock the swing? Hours of entertainment and mommy is dizzy!!!

YouTube Video

I apologize for our lack of posting. We haven't had Internet at the house for a couple of months. When I ever get around a computer with Internet our blog will blow up with pictures. A few updates...we are having a girl:)! Anyone that knows us though...knew that months ago. But I just realized I never even posted that! She has a name and the room is coming along! I'll share more on that later. The boys are getting ready to start two new schools, much closer to home. And prayerfully Baker will start kindergarten readiness this year. He's definitely not ready for kindergarten, but I'm ready for him to be challenged more than preschool. It seems like a perfect solution...if he can get in! We bought a mini van! Yes...add that to the list of things I said I'd never do. But it has been a huge blessing and I am loving the room! We took a week vacation to Gulf Shores! The boys loved it and I definitely felt like a beached whale. Other than that we are just living life day by day...doing our best to keep loving deeper, fighting harder, and trusting God with our steps. Through all the "glamorous" updates, we've had our fair share of challenges lately. It makes me truly think of a friend of mine's song lyrics...."I pray these storms will stay, till they take what they came for." I have seen with every struggle God's fingerprints on this family. No matter how difficult, or how one storm just seems to roll into another, I know God is cleansing our hearts and our lives right now. And I'm thankful for it...for the lessons, for his unending love and grace, and for those storms! Hopefully more updates soon...but don't hold your breath just in case! :)

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Back in May Josh ran a trail race in Chattanooga! We had a blast spending the day on my old turf and seeing the Aquarium!

Nashville Zoo

A fun summer day at the Nashville Zoo! I think all the walking gave Mommy contractions at 26 weeks, but luckily after a day in bed I recovered! The boys had a blast!